The Charitable Institute for Protecting Social Victims is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization founded in 1999 and in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

The institute is hosting and controling the rehabilitation center for chronic mental patients called “Ehsan House”. In Ehsan House, different services such as supplying humanitarian aids, assisting damaged people with mental diseases, residential care, and overnight care of chronic mental patients are provided. During the last years, the institute has hosted more than 14 thousand patients who have been released after getting the required treatments. Currently we are hosting 482 mental patients, 360 men and 122 women. The philosophy ‘Our sky is as blue as yours’ conveys the message of dignity and support for the mentally ill people.

Our Goals

  • protect and promote human dignity, and give the vulnerable mental patients identification in order to rehabilitate them
  • Move towards poverty eradication and spread social justice in vulnerable groups
  • Develop a culture of partnership and create a sense of empathy and social responsibility
  • Reduce the social harm
  • Preventing the spread of mental illnesses in society by using its training abilities, media, and other NGOs in all over Tehran.
  • Providing services and medical supports for the patients and treating them in different ways
  • Rehabilitation of the improved patients who try to get back to the society
  • Building a dormitory and bringing some patients back to the society with living together and dealing with their routine.

Mission and Statement

  • To respect human values
  • To respect the rules of law and be committed to the values, moral principles and law
  • To respect national interests and avoid entering political groupings
  • To recognize individual rights and respect society’s public interests
  • To believe in being responsible, transparent, reliable, honest and enthusiastic
  • To be committed to unity and cooperation
  • To promote the spirit of service and voluntary campaigns

Our Work

Ehsan House facilitates these choices through the following initiatives.


Vocational Training

When clients reach a level at which they are ready to engage in productive activity they are introduced to the vocational training unit. The aim of training is to impart vocational skills to the clients that prepare them for a contributory role in the family and community. Vocational skills are taught by professional skills instructors, who assess the skills and interests of each resident and build the training programs based on the individuals. Some of the favorite courses of Ehsan House’s residents are tailoring, weaving, drawing, carpet weaving, pottery, anthem practicing, and physical training.



Once clients have completed their training, employment is sought to reinforce its benefits. Ehsan House helps clients pursue many different employment angles dependent on their personal circumstances.

Many clients find employment within Ehsan House and its projects.


  • Residents of Ehsan living home are often employed within the facility giving them the financial benefits work within a completely understanding environment.
  • Residents also work in the office and garden of Ehsan House.
  • Outpatients of the clinics work in various roles including helping in the pharmacy and with transportation.

The institute for protecting social victims generally focuses on the vulnerable groups of people in the society, but Mental Health issue figures high on its list of priorities. Many mental patients are left socially isolated, stigmatized, deprived, and even made into pariahs. Then they must suffer being homeless and unemployed. So, the institute aims to offer prevention systems,provide access to care and rehabilitation, deliver community awareness, and instigate policy advocacy and research.

According to Iran Psychologists Association, About 23 percent of the Iran’s population suffers from a type of mental disorders. Also, here is a lack of support and attention for mentally ill people. The Ehsan House planned to provide a wide range of services needed to helpmental patients, and their family, on their waytorecovery and to apply pressure to change the current system.