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The Charitable Institute for Protecting Social Victims
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    Ehsan House at a glance

The institute is hosting and controlling the rehabilitation center for chronic mental patients called “Ehsan House”. In Ehsan House, different services such as supplying humanitarian aids, assisting damaged people with mental diseases, residential care, and overnight care of chronic mental patients are provided. During the last years, the institute has hosted more than 14 thousand patients who have been released after getting the required treatments. Currently we are hosting 482 mental patients, 360 men and 122 women. The philosophy ‘Our sky is as blue as yours’ conveys the message of dignity and support for the mentally ill people. The institute for protecting social victims generally focuses on the vulnerable groups of people in the society, but Mental Health issue figures high on its list of priorities. Many mental patients are left socially isolated, stigmatized, deprived, and even made into pariahs. Then they must suffer being homeless and unemployed. So, the institute aims to offer prevention systems, provide access to care and rehabilitation, deliver community awareness, and instigate policy advocacy and research.



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Ahmad Tahbaz

In distant years, when many people were afraid to attend and deal with the chronic mentally ill, with great love and passion, he has stepped up to build a permanent place in Ehsan house, that the existence of such a place, it will remain for many years a safe, comfortable and safe place for people who have no help but God.

All that remains of one’s wealth in the world, that’s why you make a smile, these dear ones whom you care for them in the Ehsan house are God’s signs. They are among us so that the relationship between man and humanity is not interrupted.

Hassan Ahmadnia


  • Introduction of relevant international centers

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National Institute of Mental Health

Center for the study of Traumatic stress

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